We are obsessed with everything new we see and have an unceasing fondness for the creative stuff.

We are a team of young millennials, who know what it is like being one. Be it rocking it out to Coldplay in our Pjs, staying up until 3 a.m. watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns or finding solace in Thums Up and Cappuccino to beat the Monday blues, we have all been there.

Our round the clock enthusiasm for design can awe you (no, we ain’t bragging). At the end of the day, we learn and take inspiration from people around us to give them something fun and quirky to cherish memories.


The Awesome Creators

Bhagyawanti S

A finance student who can eat, sleep and breathe design. Jumping into graphics and UI, she aspired to bring life to her design. With an unceasing love for creative stuff, you will always find her obsessing over some ingenious stuff. Call her a dog lover and self-confessed foodie, she always has a story!

Nitant Patel

An IT student with a passion for all things cool. After trotting the globe in multiple fields he came back to his homeland to focus on his interests which led him to his dream venture. A fitness freak and a foodie, he can come up with a bunch of ideas for you.